Eco Labs

The three big issues, that we need to tackle to get carbon emissions down and live sustainably - are Energy, Transport and Food: 80% of carbon comes from these big three and Energy plays a vital role in all of them.

And so we have our Eco Lab – the place where we research and develop new ideas for the production and use of Energy – in the three big sectors. From wind powered Transport, with our Nemesis, Ion Horse and Greenbird initiatives - to new technology for generating Energy such as the Urbine and our Seamills. And something we simply call the Black Box – a very smart idea that could change the way we use energy and the way the grid works.

These are the things we’re working on in our Eco Lab.

An illustration of some of our Ecotricity projects; The Nemesis, Urbine, Snapper and Greenbird

The fastest wind-powered vehicle in the world.


Britain's first electric supercar actually it’s a wind powered supercar…

Nemesis lozenge

Our ground-breaking electric bike, dubbed the Ion Horse.

A radical approach to wind technology.

The Urbine

Something with the potential to transform the way we use electricity

The Black Box