If something goes wrong…

... just follow these three simple steps



Step 1 - Let us know

If something isn't right, the first thing to do is tell us about it and give us the chance to put it right.

Call us right away on 0345 555 7 100 or  use this form to tell us what the problem is.


Step 2 - Customer Complaints Team

If you’re not happy with the outcome of that first contact, or if you feel there’s something we haven’t dealt with properly, then get in touch with our  Customer Complaints Team.

They aim for same day response and speedy resolution.  Get our Customer Complaints Team on the case.


Step 3 - Independent help

It’s rare for problems to get to this stage, but if our  Customer Complaints Team hasn’t sorted things out to your satisfaction, then there are two bodies you can go to for independent help.

Citizens Advice Consumer Service provides independent advice, and the Energy Supply Ombudsman adjudicates between customers and their energy suppliers.  Contact details for independent help are here.

Home Hotlines

We're open from 8.30am – 7pm (Monday to Thursday), 8.30am – 6pm Friday, and 9am - 4pm Saturday. 

If you need to make a payment please call our 24 hour automated payment line 01453 488101.

  •  Customer Service0345 555 7 100
  •  Moving Home0345 555 7 500
  •  PAYG0345 555 7 400
  • Switching0800 999 4 600

Prefer to phone a landline? Call 01453 761482.

Or email home@ecotricity.co.uk.

Microtricity open hours are 8:30am - 5pm (Monday to Thursday) and 8:30am - 4pm Friday.

Out of hours you can email microtricity@ecotricity.co.uk.

  •  Microtricity0345 555 7 600

Business Hotlines

We're open 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Thursday and 8:30am - 4:00pm Friday.

Business email: business@ecotricity.co.uk

Business phone: 0345 230 6 102

If you need to make a payment, please call our 24 hour automated payment line: 0333 3444 149.