Our Fuel Mix

Every year, all electricity companies in Britain have to publish exactly where the electricity they supply comes from.

As Britain’s greenest energy company*, it will come as no surprise that our electricity is 100% green – there’s no coal, nuclear, or any other brown energy source in our fuel mix. It’s all from renewable sources – and that’s how we plan to keep it.

Here’s the data for the last financial year (April 2015 - March 2016), which shows you how we stack up against the national average for energy suppliers.

The national average for renewables is just under 25% - that’s an increase on last year, but the rest of the industry still has a long way to go to catch up with us.

Fuel Supply Ecotricity National Average
Coal 0% 17%
Natural Gas 0% 32.3%
Nuclear 0% 23.7%
Renewables 100% 24.3%
Other 0% 2.5%
Total 100% 100%
Environmental Impact
COemissions 0g per kWh 288.4g per kWh
Radioactive waste 0g per kWh 0.00165g per kWh

100% green electricity from the elements

As you can see in the chart below, most of the green electricity we supply comes from onshore wind.

We generate around 30% of the green electricity we supply ourselves through our own growing fleet of wind and sun parks – the rest we buy from other green generators.

Our aim is to eventually make all of our own energy – so that all the electricity and gas we supply to our customers comes from our own wind, sun and green gasmills.

You’ll notice that none of the electricity we supply to our customers has come from solar this year. We’re still producing electricity from solar energy, at Fen Farm in Lincolnshire – we’re just not using it to supply Ecotricity customers at the moment.

Instead, we’ve set aside that solar energy for the Electric Highway, our electric vehicle charging network.

Pie chart showing breakdown of our Fuel Mix for 2015/16


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* See here for information about our EMAS accreditation, and here for more information about the lifecycle carbon emissions of our energy.

Fuel Mix Disclosure table relates to electricity supplied by the Renewable Energy Company Ltd, trading as Ecotricity.

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